4 Reasons Why Your Mobile App Should Have An Admin Portal


You may own a mobile app or one which you are planning to build. But you may not realize the advantages of having an admin portal integrated into your mobile app. Here are 4 reasons why your mobile app should have an admin portal.



1. For Better Control

Through an admin portal, your mobile app content can be dynamically controlled using web forms and submission to your database. Data validation can ensure data inputs are safe and type-safe before updating the database. Management modules such as user data and transaction data can be managed safely and quickly through a well-designed user interface.


2. For A Better Overview

Admin portal could provide visual displays of data to provide users with a better overview. Some good examples of visual displays are dashboard, charts, lists, or data table display. Having a better overview of your system allows better decision making and awareness of the system.


3. For Self Service or Delegation

Mobile app content could be dynamically controlled and updated through the database. However, it usually takes a trained IT professional to safely make updates directly through the database. By having an admin portal allows the system owner, or a delegated admin staff, to perform content updates to a mobile app content without involving your IT department.


4. To Separate Staff Area From Customer

While admin functions could be built into a mobile app, essentially that means your end-users have the admin functions on their mobile app. Although the access to admin functions could be restricted through authentication login, it could still pose as a potential security threat. An admin portal built on a website could be used as a separate staff area and made physically inaccessible to end-users through further security measures, such as network or hardware.



From the above, we could see the advantages of having an admin portal for your mobile app. For interested parties, please contact us for further information and inquiry for a no-obligation quotation for having an admin portal.