5 Advantages of having an AI Chatbot

A chatbot can improve your customer service level

What is an AI chatbot? A chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot that chats with your customer on an online platform, such as your website or mobile app.

Here at MS Micro we created a Facebook AI chatbot for our customer’s websites and mobile apps.

Here are 5 advantages of having a chatbot:

  1. Enhance Customer Support
  2. Reduce Cost
  3. Increase Lead Generation and Sales
  4. Qualify Leads
  5. Feedback and Survey

1.  Enhance Customer Support

Having a chatbot allows your customers to have access to a 24/7 self-help customer support. In times of emergency or urgent need, your customers can instantly find timely information regarding your company’s products and services.

2.  Reduce Cost

A chatbot can reduce manpower in your customer service department. It can be used as your first level of support the same way as an automated telephone hotline. Customer can be interviewed by the chatbot, and if they have further questions can be redirected to the relevant department to be answered by a real person.

3.  Increase Lead Generation and Sales

Chatbot can replace online forms to generate more leads, to increase sales and revenue for your company.

4.  Qualify Leads

Chatbot can include qualifying questions to better understand and segment a customer into a suitable group in your CRM system. A sales staff can takeover from there and follow up on the lead to close the deal.

5.  Feedback and Survey

The chatbot can save inputs and feedbacks from your customers, and also provide survey forms to improve your customer service.

Try out our MS Micro AI chatbot on the bottom right of our website, or at this link: m.me/msmicro.co

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