6 Best Reasons Why Your Mobile App Should Be Using Hybrid Mobile Development

Hybrid mobile development is a type of software development that uses web technology to create and build mobile apps for smartphones. It was very popular, and some of the well-known mobile apps that were created using this type of development were:

  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Uber
  • Instagram
  • Evernote
  • Apple Appstore
  • Amazon Appstore

Here are the best 6 reasons why your mobile app should be using hybrid mobile development.

1. Consistent User Experience

Mobile apps created natively (ie. iOS and Android) tends to use software components that were unique to the native platform. Therefore mobile apps designed and built natively tends to have a different user interface, and the user experience would be different and inconsistent across different mobile platforms.

Mobile apps built using hybrid mobile development uses one source of web technology for its design and build, hence the user interface and the user experience would be the same.

2. Scaling

As mentioned hybrid mobile development derives from one source, hence future expansion and extension on the mobile app designs and features would require changing only from one source. Therefore scaling the mobile app is easier since there are no multiple sources to change from design and programming point of view.

3. Easy to Maintain

Similar to scaling, app updates made to the mobile app such as security patches would be fast and easy since there is only one source to change.

4. Lower Cost

The hybrid mobile app is easy to maintain, hence in terms of cost of dollars and time, it will lower the cost of development of the mobile app during initial development, maintenance, and scaling future enhancements.

5. Easy to Integrate with Other systems

Modern systems that allow integration now usually support web integration, such as REST API. Since the hybrid mobile app is developed based on web and internet technologies, it is naturally compatible and easy to integrate.

6. Offline Support

Some mobile apps are fully online only, such as progressive web app. Fully online mobile apps rely on constant active internet connection in order to work. On the other hand, a hybrid mobile app does not have this limitation. The hybrid mobile app can be designed to function in offline mode without an internet connection.

In conclusion, we can understand the many advantages of using hybrid mobile development. Here in MS Micro, we offer attractive and affordable solutions for it. If you are interested or wish to find out more, send us an inquiry or contact us for a no-obligation quotation.